Our Story

Le Cart is an online store and pop up business featuring unique found objects and accent furniture for the home. Founders Mary Graf and Jenny Moore combined their experience and passion for interior design to curate the best selection of flea market finds, antiques, and vintage accessories to add a pop to your home. Our goal is for our pieces to add depth to your existing décor and have all your friends gawking..."Where did you find that!?". We will offer new collections often so buy your inventory fast, as each piece is one-of-a-kind and will not be offered again.For Mary and Jenny, it is not all about the provenance of our finds, but about how they will stand out in your home. All of our pieces have been refurbished, reupholstered, or originally redesigned by us. We have hand selected each piece and buy only what we love and would want in our home so we are confident our selections will be a perfect addition to yours.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Mary Graf and Jenny Moore have been best friends since the age of five (except for a brief mishap in the 4th grade). Fast forward 20 years and they found themselves living 4 blocks from each other in beautiful San Francisco, CA.

Jenny Moore
Jenny moved to San Francisco right after graduating from Miami of Ohio University and instantly fell in love with the city. Within a few years, she turned her passion for design into a successful career at renowned design firms, Palmer Weiss Interior Design and Tucker and Marks Design. In 2010, she founded Jenny Moore Interior Design, where she is able to draw from her upbringing in the South, the rich tradition of San Francisco and her own unique style to create fun, comfortable environments to live and work. She still lives in San Francisco with her husband Pat, their daughter Lucy Rose, and their son Clark.

Mary Graf
After graduating from The University of Alabama, Mary headed to San Francisco to continue her career in event marketing and sales. Mary loved selling the city of San Francisco and designing events for her clients, but after a decade in the event industry, she decided to further pursue her love of design. Growing up in Nashville, in what she refers to as an “antique museum”, she has always been surrounded by tradition. With a truly dramatic Southern mother that constantly redesigned the furniture layout, changed the ceiling colors, and set a formal dinner table complete with crystal, china, and silver for an average Monday night family dinner, Mary was destined to one day find a passion for all things old and beautiful. Mary lives in San Francisco with her husband Phillip and their three little girls Madeline, Elle, and Cecilia.

Mary and Jenny both attribute their love of decorating and beautiful objects to their Southern upbringing and stylish (yet crazy) mothers.

For years, Mary and Jenny have been scouring the flea markets, estate sales, and antique shops in the Bay Area to decorate their own homes in their unique, similar style: an eclectic mix of California casual with a nod to their more traditional Southern roots. Every first Sunday of each month, they would drag themselves out of bed before the sunrise and head to their favorite antique fair. After finding their treasures, they would grab “The Cart” to haul their wares into the car, all the while people admiring their great finds rolling past. Now that their homes are filled to the brim with their cartloads, a natural progression of their Sunday morning obsession is to offer their cart to you!