Le Cart Creation

For years, Mary and Jenny have been scouring the flea markets, estate sales, and antique shops in the Bay area to decorate their own homes in their unique, similar style: an eclectic mix of Californian colorful chic with an ode to their more traditional Southern roots. (insert here what our style is-eclectic, traditional, modern twist with pops of color with southern roots, French”).  Every first Sunday of each month, they would drag themselves out of bed before the sunrise and head to the (their favorite antique fair) flea market.  After finding their treasures, they would grab “The Cart” to haul their wares into the car, all the while people admiring their great finds rolling past.  Now that their homes are filled to the brim with their cartloads (or flea market finds), a natural progression of their Sunday morning obsession is to offer their cart to you!